Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

  • Providing emergency first aid to your cat after a car accident

    The old saying is that curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately, it is true that the natural tendency of cats to explore can also be their downfall when it comes to cars. If you come across a cat that has been in a car accident here are some tips to perform emergency first aid while you work out how to get them assistance from a vet. Resuscitation One of the first things to check is if the cat is still breathing and has a heart beat (which is usually easiest to detect in the neck).

  • Why Adopting a Pair of Adult Cats is a Great Decision

    If you're already thinking of adopting an adult cat, there's little reason not to consider taking two. Catteries often have several pairs of highly-bonded cats who came in together from the same home, and it's never nice to pull them apart. Here's why you should consider adopting a pair. Your Cats Won't Be Lonely Adult cats might not seem as needy as kittens, but they really do thrive on your attention.

  • Confident Clipping - Teaching Your Dog To Enjoy His Haircut!

    Some breeds of dog require regular clipping in order to keep their coats manageable and in good condition.  Your local mobile dog grooming company, such as Foxy's Mobile Dog Washing & Grooming Service, will be suitably experienced and proficient in the art of canine coiffeur, but if your dog has never been clipped before, there's some preparation you can do to make his first haircut a safe and happy one.  Read on to find out more.

  • Why Visit a Cattery Before Boarding Your Cat?

    While you can learn a lot about a cattery's services from its website, or by calling for a chat, this isn't enough to tell you if the facility is the right one for your cat. When you've found a cattery like Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery that looks good on paper, you should visit to make sure that your cat will be comfortable, cared for and secure during its stay. What to Expect During a Visit

  • Pest Management Tips for People With Sensory Sensitivities and Allergies

    If you or one of your children has sensory processing disorder, sensitivities to strong odors or allergies, you have to tread into the world of pest management carefully. If your home is overrun with termites, cockroaches or other creepy-crawly creatures, you can hire professional help and have those creatures exterminated. You simply need to be careful -- keep these tips in mind: 1. Ask for natural pesticides, traps or temperature control methods

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Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

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