Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Why Adopting a Pair of Adult Cats is a Great Decision

Micheal Silva

If you're already thinking of adopting an adult cat, there's little reason not to consider taking two. Catteries often have several pairs of highly-bonded cats who came in together from the same home, and it's never nice to pull them apart. Here's why you should consider adopting a pair.

Your Cats Won't Be Lonely

Adult cats might not seem as needy as kittens, but they really do thrive on your attention. That's even more the case when they don't have any feline pals to play with. Cats in the wild have their own private territories, and yet they still come out to interact with other cats.

It's the same when you adopt two cats; they'll spend some of the time alone, but they'll always have the companionship of each other when you aren't available.

Your Cats Will Behave Better

Company isn't just good news for the cats themselves – it is also great news for your home. Cats who are left alone and without the attention they need can become destructive. Scratching, biting, and chewing on your furniture are just a few of the ways in which they relieve their boredom.

You'll also be more likely to get a full night of sleep. As nocturnal animals, cats are notorious for waking their owners up during the night. This is because they want attention when they're naturally most awake. With another cat to play with, these problems won't be such a concern.

You Can Enjoy Their Antics

Anyone who's ever spent even a tiny amount of time on the internet will already know how hilarious cats can be, and that goes double when you pick up two. The truth is that cats know you aren't another cat, and they'll never interact with you as if you are. Buying two cats means getting to see how they interact with a member of their own species. It can get both very cute and very funny.

You Get to Save Two Lives

In the end, the most compelling reason to adopt two cats instead of one is that you'll be giving them both a forever home. Adult cats are much harder to home than kittens, and it's even harder to find a home for two together.

This means that a pair of cats is often left in a cattery for some time, and, while catteries are made as comfortable as possible, they can't compare to a real home. The cats may even ultimately be split up and sent to separate homes.

Adopting two cats instead of one can save you problems in the future, and it lets you enjoy even more of each cat's personality. All in all, it's a fantastic deal. So talk with a local cattery, such as Cottage Kennels & Cattery, about adopting a pair of cats. 


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