Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Providing emergency first aid to your cat after a car accident

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The old saying is that curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately, it is true that the natural tendency of cats to explore can also be their downfall when it comes to cars. If you come across a cat that has been in a car accident here are some tips to perform emergency first aid while you work out how to get them assistance from a vet.


One of the first things to check is if the cat is still breathing and has a heart beat (which is usually easiest to detect in the neck). If they aren't breathing you can try perform CPR by using the same technique as with humans. First check the airway for any obstructions (and remove if there are), then lay your cat on their side and compress the chest for 5 beats, then alternate breathing into the mouth with 'puffs' so as to not overinflate the lungs.

Restrain if needed

If you have established the cat is breathing the next step is to try and move them. While an extremely injured cat is not likely to move much, a cat with other injuries including broken legs and paws or open wounds can often be aggressive and try and run away as you approach them. In order to transport them, it's advisable to swaddle them in a towel or similar object to prevent them from lashing out at you. If you do not know the animal and it's behaving aggressively, you should call animal control as the animal may have rabies and shouldn't be approached.

Move them carefully

If your animal is not moving but is still breathing, it's important to move them carefully as they may have spinal damage or a fracture pelvis. Rolling them onto a blanket or jacket which you used as 'sling' to lift them is a useful way to transport an animal with these sorts injuries as it does not create pressure on any particular point on the animal's body. Drive to the vet clinic like Belmont Avenue Veterinary Hospital slowly and prevent any sudden movements where possible, as the cat may be in shock.

Be sure to let the vet clinic know that you are on the way with an injured cat and give them as much information as possible about the cat's injuries so that they have appropriate supplies handy for emergency care. Timely first aid can make a huge difference in your cat's chances of surviving this incident.


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