Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

  • Thrush In Pet Chickens - Treatment and Prevention

    Chickens can make a great addition to your household. As pets, they have charming personalities, eat garden pests such as slugs and can also produce eggs for you and your family to enjoy. However, from time-to-time your chooks may suffer from thrush. What is thrush and how can your vet help to get your feathered friends laying again? Thrush (candidiasis) Thrush is a disease caused by the fungal yeast candida albicans.

  • 3 Stress-Relieving Herbs For Your Cat

    Some cats can become very stressed and anxious when boarded away from home, even if you've found a perfect, luxury cattery for them.  So, how do you keep kitty calm and chilled-out in the unfamiliar cattery environment?  There are several natural herbal preparations that could help; read on for more information. How should you give your cat herbs? Herbs are dispensed in several different forms including: dried flowers and leaves essential oils tinctures teas First, and most importantly, never give your cat essential oils; these are too concentrated for animal use and can cause liver problems in cats.

  • 4 Reasons You Should Consider Having Your Older Dog Neutered

    There a several reasons why you might find yourself caring for an older dog that has not been neutered. He may previously have been used for breeding or as a working animal – you or the previous owner might simply have decided that the procedure wasn't necessary. If your older dog is unneutered, you might assume that it has coped long enough without the procedure to go the rest of its life without it.

  • Providing emergency first aid to your cat after a car accident

    The old saying is that curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately, it is true that the natural tendency of cats to explore can also be their downfall when it comes to cars. If you come across a cat that has been in a car accident here are some tips to perform emergency first aid while you work out how to get them assistance from a vet. Resuscitation One of the first things to check is if the cat is still breathing and has a heart beat (which is usually easiest to detect in the neck).

  • Why Adopting a Pair of Adult Cats is a Great Decision

    If you're already thinking of adopting an adult cat, there's little reason not to consider taking two. Catteries often have several pairs of highly-bonded cats who came in together from the same home, and it's never nice to pull them apart. Here's why you should consider adopting a pair. Your Cats Won't Be Lonely Adult cats might not seem as needy as kittens, but they really do thrive on your attention.

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    Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

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