Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Adopting Your First Pet: Tips for Families

Pest Management Tips for People With Sensory Sensitivities and Allergies

Micheal Silva

If you or one of your children has sensory processing disorder, sensitivities to strong odors or allergies, you have to tread into the world of pest management carefully. If your home is overrun with termites, cockroaches or other creepy-crawly creatures, you can hire professional help and have those creatures exterminated. You simply need to be careful -- keep these tips in mind:

1. Ask for natural pesticides, traps or temperature control methods

When you hire a pest management professional to come to your home, they can use a range of methods to kill the creatures and pesticides are a popular option. However, if you or your child is sensitive, the chemicals in the pesticides may bother you.

Look for a pest management professional who offers alternatives to conventional sprays. Instead, ask about organic sprays, poisons ingested by the insects, traps or temperature control methods.

Temperature control uses high and low temperatures to end the life cycle of the pests, and in most cases, you have to leave during this process. However, when you return home you don't have to worry about any chemicals or odors.

2. Explore deodorizers that break down odors

If odors bother you more than the thought of chemical exposure, you can also use a deodoriser. These products automatically react with odorous gases, and they remove malodors through a process of chemical decomposition.

These products are naturally drawn to the chemicals in the pesticides creating the odors. Those chemicals and their related odors can come from the active ingredient in the pesticide, the solvents used to dilute the pesticide or any of the product's ancillary ingredients.

3. Use odorless, pure pesticides

Some pesticides have no odors as long as they are pure or diluted. If you or your child is sensitive to odors wafting through your house, talk with your pest management person about the possibility of using undiluted, odorless chemicals such as pyrethroids.

4. Be aware of allergic reactions

Unfortunately, many people with sensory sensitivities often also have allergies. If you or your child suffer from allergies to pesticides make sure to talk about that before hiring a pest management specialist to come to your home.

However, also notify schools, work and other places you spend a lot of time about your allergy. That way, they can let you know if they use pesticides inside or outside. Keep in mind that even a few pesticides floating through the window can affect you.


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